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Ready to become a fundamental cog in this wonderful machine we call affiliate marketing? We sure hope so. We know that you will go far as an affiliate working alongside us, and we wish you the very best. Please make sure you have read all of the literature throughout the site, especially the privacy policy, the earning commission page, the products page, the FAQ, and the optimizing strategy page. Really, you can save those last two until after you sign up, but it’s still helpful to read them ahead of time. We don’t push the issue to strongly though. At some point you should also read the about us page (if you haven’t already). It gives a great overview of how got to where it is.

Once you’re ready, sign up is pretty straightforward. Just fill out the various forms and such, get in contact with us, and we’ll get you set up and registered as an affiliate as soon as we can. Then you’ll be free to get the sales flowing.

Remember once you sign up we cannot help you gain notice. So start thinking about how you plain to gain attention as an affiliate. It seems that a frequent mistake of our new members is to fail to realize that customers aren’t going to magically know about the new affiliate site once it’s set up. There are lots of ways to gain attention, most popular being search engine advertisements, but in addition to these adverts, there are lots of more clever ways to gain notice. Use your noodle and make it work.

Our contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Please know that we field a lot of service requests from all three customers, affiliates, and producers, so we hope that you will be as clear as possible in your correspondence with us. This saves a lot of time sending emails back and forth. It’s also generally just good business practice. As an affiliate, you will need to exhibit top-notch customer service skills, and a vital part of customer service is clarity. Confused customers are annoyed customers, and annoyed customers are not actually customers because annoyed customers don’t like to buy things from the person responsible for annoying them.

Visit the rest of the website and check how you could make a change now for you and others. Call us and together we can conquer.

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