Optimize Performance and Get Reward

There isn’t any precise formula to becoming a top salesman, but there are a few guidelines that should generally be followed. We present them below in a fancy bulleted list! Read it, and remember it, for it is your lifeline.

- First of all, nobody likes a liar. If you are going to ever have a successful career in sales, you must make sure to convey honesty. If people think you are lying about a product in any way, they will not buy that product from you, and they probably won’t buy anything from you ever. For this reason, you must convey complete honesty.

- Second, and related to the first, is that you must display confidence. You may not be confident in your ability to sell at first, but you must get over it. With few exceptions, people see lack of confidence and uncertainty as strong negatives. If you don’t believe in your products, why should they?

- Third, you really have to be competitive. When you first start off, it’s not a big issue, but as you become more and more involved in marketing, you will need to be willing to take sales from others. It may feel bad at first, but that’s just how this business works, and all of your competitors know this! If you give away your sales, you almost definitely won’t get them back, and if you don’t have any sales, then … well, you aren’t a salesman.

- Fourth, in contrast the second bit, you have to try very hard to not seem desperate or pushy. This is a bit of advice that many new salesmen ignore, either by accident or on purpose, and the results are generally lost sales. Customers love confidence, but they generally regard desperation very negatively. Once a customer shows disinterest, drop the issue gracefully.

- Lastly, make your own style. As we said, there is no formula, and trying to fit some preconceived notion of a salesman is not the right way to go. Find a style that works for you and go with it! You have to experiment some at first and this experimentation may very well mean losing a few sales, but overall it will definitely be worth it because once you master your style, nothing will stop you. You will be a living, breathing sales machine!

These five short rules aren’t much, and they might seem like common sense to many, but it still helps to have them spelled out plainly. Of course, there are times when some of these rules should be broken, and as you become more proficient you will begin to see this. Don’t be impatient though. Rushing your development as a salesman will not work to your advantage. It will only work against you.

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