Earn Commission

We recognize how important our affiliates are, and that is why we treat them to a hefty commission rate of up to fifty percent. We believe that by showing our representatives an appropriate level of gratitude, they will be more motivated to sell, and thus both of our profits will increase over the alternative, in which we take our affiliates for granted. Simply put, we could not exist as we are today if not for our affiliates. They are what keeps us going. Now, of course new users will start off at slightly lower commission rates than the fifty percent guaranteed to more seasoned affiliates, but we know that motivated and dedicated representatives will quickly break through this barrier. It’s temporary.

On the subject of barriers, we must mention that we do not have an upper limit on earned commission. It doesn’t make sense to us to tell our affiliates that they are only allowed to sell so much. Some companies choose to cap their representatives citing ‘excess stress’, but quite honestly we believe this philosophy is nonsense. We know that you, our affiliates, are more than capable of taking a break when you need to. In fact, we think it would actually cause more stress, not being allowed to sell when you are perfectly willing and able. It’s just so arbitrary.

We also recently introduced a new system for calculating commission. It’s automatic and relieves our affiliates from having to keep and submit their own calculations. This provides more time for affiliates to focus on what matters, sales, and it has the added benefit of computer precision. In the past, payments would often be delayed by several months due to large miscalculations of commission, so we felt that the best thing to do would be to eliminate that potential for error. So far, it has proven to be an exceptionally reliable system. We have not received a single commission dispute since we implemented the automatic system.

What all of this means is that you are free to focus on what matters most, sales. You earn commission, but we’ve tried to alleviate some of the work of worrying about those commissions. You should definitely have a strong understanding of how you earn commission, but we don’t believe that you should have to worry about it anymore after that.

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